Frequent Asked Question

  1. What are entities of GL?
    General Consultancy & Legal Services Pvt. Ltd. (GL) has self entity and also incorporated in Companies Act, 1956 having a vide Corporate Identity No. U74120UP2012PTC052080.
  2. When company has incorporated?
    General Consultancy & Legal Services is incorporated on 21.08.2012 and that was formally known as General Advocates Associates.
  3. In which nature of cases/services provided by company?
    All nature of cases will be managed as well as drafting and argument of all over India. Nature of cases means corporate laws (contract laws, company laws, taxation), Labour laws, services laws, civil and revenue matter, criminal cases. All legal services providing by company, i.e.,
    ~ Legal Consultancy
    ~ Legal Audit
    ~ Legal Documentation
    ~ Legal Cases before any court
    ~ Legal Notices/Reply
    ~ Legal Safe complete legal care…
  4. In which District Company is working?
    Now, company is working in all over India and we’ll just providing legal services in world wide.
  5. What is the legal safe?
    Legal Safe is the trademark of GL and also special services on annual retainership. Any clients hire our legal safe services he/she will free form expenses and burden of legal formalities, documentation, cases etc. company will be managed on every stage.
  6. What is the legal audit?
    Legal audit is very special service to know by self how much legal risk in your institution. Legal Audit is a checking method of legal formalities are done in your institution?
  7. What are the bases of legal audits?
    Every institution has separate entity and separate style of works hence formalities will be depending on their works, entities etc. and a legal audit also depends on their formalities/act required?
  8. How much trusted legal audits?
    This is depending on your fair answer.
  9. Who are founders and directors of GL?
    Actually this is team work but the founder and directors of the company are Mr. Pragati Singh and Mr. Jagriti Singh (Advocate, High Court) and his team including advocates, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Medical Professional (Doctors) and Engineers.
  10. What are main objects of the company?
    The main objects of the company are
    ~ Provide complete legal services.
    ~ Awareness and compliance of act & laws.
    ~ Legal Safe from legal risk.
  11. How to works/legal-safe from legal risk?
    ~ First legal audit of your institution.
    ~ We are giving a legal audit report with some suggestion about legal risk.
    ~ Compliance of laws in institution.
    ~ Help to complete legal formalities.
    ~ Issue or reply of legal notices.
    ~ In case legal dispute will occur, we filed or replied petition and argue on any court of India.
  12. How many hands in your company?
    At present, more than 300 hands are working with us.
  13. How to control legal risk?
    We suggested to compliance the laws which are mandatory and necessary in the institution.
  14. What are charges of services?
    This is depending on a matter or cases. Some categories are predefining and their charges also fixed. Please click on the tariff or mail us.
  15. How to pay your fee?
    Very easy issue a crossed cheque in favour of “GENERAL CONSULTANCY & LEGAL SERVICES PVT. LTD.” payable at Allahabad or deposit in account of company in-



    A/c No.



    State Bank of India


    High Court, Allahabad, U.P. India

    IFS Code


  16. How to contact?
    Mail us on or call us for appointment on +91-9236573032 (India) or click on contact us.

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